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Stay tuned for details about our fall 2016 8K program...

The 8k (~5 miles) training program is designed to further runners and walkers toward their fitness and running goals beyond the 5K distance.

It will include clinics on different training techniques and tools in order to further enjoy running and improve your performance. The clinics will cover a wide range of topical issues on running, health, wellness and nutrition.

Our 8k (~5 miles) 10 week training program is designed for runners who are working to move beyond the 5K distance. Combining longer distances with speed workouts, this program will challenge you to take it to the next level. If your personal goal is to challenge your limits, JOIN US!

*Note: Participants should be able to run or run/walk 2 miles at the start of the training program.

We offer 8 pace groups to best suit your training:

1) Sub 9 minute mile

2) 9-10 minute/mile

3) 10-11 minute/mile

4) 11-12 minute/mile

5) 12-13 minute/mile

6) Run/Walk Plan To Run (increasing run vs walking interval each week as distance increases from Run 4 min/Walk 2 min to Run 10 min/Walk 2 min)

7) Run/Walk 1 (Run 4 min/Walk 2 min interval throughout the entire program)

8) Run/Walk 2 (Run 2 min/Walk 2 min interval increasing the run interval every week, maxing out at Run 4 min/Walk 2 min)

Cost: $100

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