Winter No Boundaries 5K

**Registration for the winter No Boundaries 5K training group is now closed. We have a spring No Boundaries 5K program at our Wade Avenue store that kicks off in April. For more information or to register, click here. If you'd like us to notify you when information about future North Raleigh programs is posted, click here.**


Winter 2014 No Boundaries Training Registration is now open!

Register Here

What is No Boundaries?

A 12-week program beginning Thursday, January 9th designed for the beginning walker, run/walker, or runner to help you complete a 5K (3.1 Miles).  We will meet Thursdays at 6pm​ and Saturdays at 8am. Our goal race is the Great Human Race 5K in Durham, NC on March 29th.

We have 5 pace group options to meet you where you are right now:

1)Runners (<11 min/mile and 11-13 min/mile)
2)Run/walk plan to run (increase running interval more quickly each week)
3)Run/walk 1 (increase running interval less quickly than ‘plan to run’)
4)Run/walk 2 (increase running interval less quickly than run/walk 1)

What is the cost of the Program?    $90 until 12/20, $95 12/21-1/16*, Register on here                 

Cost includes: Technical shirt; coaching two days a week with a detailed training plan; Abdominal workouts; great opportunity to meet running, run/walking, and walking partners; Introduction to running routes on area trails and neighborhoods.
          Seminar Topics including:  Running and Walking form, Injury Prevention (Results Physical Therapy), Cross Training, Exercise apparel and gear, Compression, Nutrition (Realistic Nutrition Partners), Race Preparation, and more!

Info meeting dates: Wednesday 12/11 @ 7pm

Are you already an experienced runner and want to mentor new runners? Think about becoming a mentor.
Mentor info meeting date: Monday December 30 @ 7pm


*Last day for program refund (minus $20 processing fee) is January 16th, 2013.                                       

 Fleet Feet Sports Raleigh 
8511 Colonnade Center Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

For More info contact Natalie Smith -

Fleet Feet Sports Store Hours:

Monday-Friday 10am-7pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm


Success Stories!

“I started No Boundaries because I wanted to do something for myself and had read about it in Runners magazine. I looked it up on the web and found Fleet Feet. I am so glad I did. I live in Oxford, NC so you know I have to be dedicated to drive an hour to run. I have met a lot of people and made a lot of friends. On my first week (Wed & Sat), I did not think I was going to make it. My calves were hurting so bad, on the first Sat. I did not do the whole length because my calves hurt, Lou stopped with me and helped me work them out and talked to me and told me they would stop hurting eventually. They did and by the next week I had picked up my pace and caught up with Jen. She really encouraged me to run a little faster each day. She thought I should be in the Run/Walk plan to run group, I said no. Without their help and encouragement I don't know if I would have kept on. I have enjoyed this so much; I am planning on doing the Mud Runners and maybe another No Boundaries or Half Marathon Training.  Thanks for all that you do for all of us. It would not be so fun if it were not for you, Fleet Feet Employees and all the mentors and runners. I am really enjoying my hour drive to run and relax.”

 “Race for the Cure was awesome--just wanted to let you know we had a great time at the race.  Thank you for making No Boundaries so awesome.  I don't think I've stuck with an exercise program this consistently since I played tennis in high school--your positive attitude and love of running have rubbed off on me and made it fun!  :-)”

“I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed NoBo. I’ve had more FUN than I ever imagined when I signed up. Thank you for all that you do to make the program so rewarding.

“Running was something I always wanted to try. I would admire the many runners that would pass me and think; how healthy, focused, and strong they looked. Qualities I would love to have but just thought that’s not me. I tried running a few times on my own but quickly lost motivation. I decided that I needed a pair of running shoes and was never properly fitted so I came to Fleet Feet. There I met Lauren who told me about the No Boundaries Program so I joined!"

"My motivation changed through out the past 2-½ months. At first I was motivated because I wanted to see what it would be like to participate in a 5k. Then it was the Marbles. I really wanted that jacket! However at the beginning of our training I was loosing my motivation. Muscles that I did not even know existed hurt so bad! I also have asthma and at times my breathing was getting to me. I spoke to Mentors and Coaches who kept assisting me with all my aches and pains that eventually did get better!"

My goal for this program was to be able to finish the 5k. I am now confident that I will achieve that. 

This program became more important to me than I ever thought it would.  I am currently a stay at home mom and this really gave me something to look forward too. I have gained so much confidence in myself. This was a great experience for me as well as my family. I have lost inches as well as a few pounds. But best of all, my girls have watched me work really hard at a goal and will see me achieve it this Saturday!