No Boundaries Beginner 5K

No Boundaries is a 5K training program designed for beginning runners, walkers, and run/walkers. It is sponsored by New Balance. Over the course of 10 to 12 weeks, you'll learn running basics and, with the help of our experienced coaches and motivational mentors, train to complete a 5K. The program includes two workouts per week, as well as seminars on important topics like nutrition, injury prevention, cross training. This is a great way to meet new running buddies, discover parks and trails in the Raleigh and Morrisville area, and increase your fitness level! This year our goal race is the Humana Rock 'n' Roll 5K on Saturday, April 7th.

This program is offered in the spring and fall at our Ridgewood Shopping Center, Market at Colonnade & Park West Village locations.

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Q: When does the program meet?

A: We meet on Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. and Saturday mornings at 8 a.m.

Q: How much does the program cost?

A: Registration costs $95. This includes a technical shirt, coach-led workouts two days per week, a detailed training plan, and a series of short seminars on topics including running and walking form, injury prevention, cross-training, apparel and gear, nutrition, and race preparation strategies.

Q: I've never run before. Do you think I'll be left behind?

A: Of course not! This program is designed for beginners, though we also welcome experienced runners looking to get fitter and faster. We offer five separate pacing options:

  1. RUN - Two pace groups: <11 minutes/mile; 11-13 minutes/mile
  2. RUN/WALK, PLAN TO RUN - Start with short running intervals. Increase running intervals each week with a goal of running the entire 5K.
  3. RUN/WALK 1 - Start with short running intervals. Increase running intervals more gradually than PLAN TO RUN group.
  4. RUN/WALK 2 - Increase running intervals more gradually than RUN/WALK 1.
  5. WALK

All groups will be led by experienced running mentors, most of whom are former participants. Most seasons, we offer a Make it a Mile beginner program leading into the NoBo season for new runners to get you up to speed.

Q: If I have to miss a workout or two, does that mean I can't be part of the program?

A: Of course you can still be involved! We would love to have every training group participant at every run, but we understand that life and obligations may occasionally get in the way.

Q: How do I register?

A: Please register online through Fitvil by following the links below. If you've never participated in one of our training programs before, you'll need to first create a Fitvil account, and then register for the program.

Q: I see there is a goal race. Do I have to run it?

A: Many of our participants like to have a goal race at the end, and it's always fun to have a group there for support, but running the race is not required! You can sign up for the Humana Rock 'n' Roll 5K, another spring 5K, or choose not to race at all!

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Morrisville (Park West Village) | Starts February 1st | Register Now

Wade Avenue (Ridgewood Shopping Center) | Starts February 1st | Register Now

North Raleigh (Market at Colonnade) | Starts February 1st | Register Now

Additional questions? Please contact our training program coordinator, Gina, at

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Program Start: February 1st
Goal Race:
Program Fee: $95

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