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Whether you're considering training for your first marathon or working toward a new PR, this program is for you! We'll meet as a group on Tuesday evenings to complete various speed workouts, and on Saturday mornings for long runs. You'll benefit from having the support of a large group of participants, mentors, and coaches on every group run. You'll also learn how to properly fuel for your race, avoid common mistakes, supplement your running with strength work and cross training, and much, much more!

This program is offered in the spring and fall at both Raleigh locations.

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Wade Avenue & North Raleigh | Starts January 2nd | Register Now




Q: When does the program meet?

A: We meet on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. and Saturdays at 7:30 a.m.

Q: How much does the program cost?

A: Registration costs $120. This includes a technical shirt, coach-led workouts two days per week, a detailed training plan, discounts in the store, and often a registration discount for our goal race. The program also features and a series of short seminars on topics like running form, injury prevention, cross training, nutrition, apparel and gear, foam rolling, compression, and race preparation.

Q: I've never run a marathon before. Is this program really for me?

A: At Fleet Feet Raleigh, we specialize in training beginners! Many of our participants in past years have been first-time marathoners. However, prior to the start of the program, all participants must be comfortable running or using run/walk intervals to complete 4 miles at a 14:30 minute/mile pace or below. 

Q: Will there be other runners going my pace? Will I be left behind?

A: We offer several pace groups: sub-9 minutes/mile, 9-10 minutes/mile, 10-11 minutes/mile, 11-12 minutes/mile, 12-13 minutes/mile, run/walk-plan-to-run, and run/walk. Each group will have at least one experienced running mentor, who can provide tips and motivation along the way!

Q: If I have to miss a workout or two, does that mean I can't be part of the program?

A: Of course you can still be involved! We would love to have every training group participant at every run, but we understand that life and obligations may occasionally get in the way.

Q: The program has a specific goal race. What if I prefer to run a different marathon?

A: You're free to run whichever marathon you choose! Our workout plan will lead up to the day of the group goal race, but if you're running your race on a different weekend, check in with our coaches and they will tweak your plan so that you can peak and taper at the right time!

Q: How do I register?

A: Please register online through Fitvil by following the link below. If you've never participated in one of our training programs before, you'll need to first create a Fitvil account, and then register for the program.

Wade Avenue & North Raleigh | Starts January 2nd | Register Now


Please contact our training program coordinator, Gina, at 

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Program Start: January 2nd
Program Fee: $120

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