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Support the foot. Align the body.

We carry a variety of inserts to help support your feet and align your body. Inserts are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the individual demands of your activities and footwear. Inserts align the bone structure of your feet inside the shoe, creating a consistent and efficient structural foundation. The structural benefits of inserts play an active role in both treatment and prevention of common overuse injuries. At Fleet Feet Sports we will take you through a measuring process to ensure we fit you with the perfect insert!

Commonly used soft inserts do little for the proper alignment of the body difficult and may actually increase fatigue and foot pain. Foam encapsulated by a firm plastic cap helps insoles, such as Superfeet and Powerstep, reduce unhealthy elongation of your feet. This provides proper foot support, helping to align the rest of your body. Reducing unhealthy elongation also helps improve how your shoes fit helping to prevent blisters and spurs caused from excess friction.

It is never advisable to opt-in for an insole replacement alone when the shoes need to be replaced. Insoles can go far in providing alignment and support for you body but only while working in tangent with your footwear. 

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