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stress dissolves when exposed to water.

Swimming and water aerobics are some of the best cross-training, injury prevention, or rehabilitation fitness activities. Aqua Jogger belts allows you to mimic running on land without the stress to your body. Kara Goucher uses aqua-jogging as an important part of her running schedule:

If I can jump in a pool after a hard session, aqua jog for 10 to 15 minutes, that makes a difference, too. Your body recovers so much better, and then you’re able to get more out of that workout, and you’re able to come back sooner after that workout with another hard one. -Interview With Kara Goucher

No Gills Required

To start aqua-jogging today all you need is an aqua-jogger and a pool deep enough so that your feet do not touch the bottom. You can hop right in and set your 10 meter aquatic PR, but it is recommended to find your rhythm and relax.  The aqua jogger comes in men and women models. 

Interested in finding other excellent cross-training opportunities? Check out our calendar for upcoming activities! 

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