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2018 Events

"Run to Eat, or Eat to Run?" Nutrition Seminar

Does running give you a license to eat whatever you want? Should you eat all the calories you burn from running?

Join us Saturday, January 6th for a special seminar with nutritionist Chris Newport of the Endurance Edge. Learn what your metabolism is really doing before, during, and after running and how you can optimize your waistline, your health, and your PR.

The nutrition seminar will begin at 8:30am. Our marathon & half-marathon training program will meet beforehand at 7:30am for a 4-mile run. If you'd like to join us, please show up before 7:30am ready to run! We'll get you linked up with the appropriate pace group.

When: January 6th, 8:30am (Optional run @ 7:30am)
Where: Fleet Feet Sports Morrisville
Cost: Free

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Self-Defense Classes with Karate International

Kubaton Self-Defense Class

Learn self-defense techniques using a kubaton (a small pencil-shaped object you can keep on a keychain).

When: February 15th, 7PM
Where: Fleet Feet North Raleigh
Cost: $20, includes kubaton to keep


Self-Defense Striking

Learn which targets are the most effective to attack and how to strike them to keep yourself safe. Participants will gain knowledge and confidence in how to defend themselves regardless of size and physical strength with simple but effective techniques. They will also have the opportunity to practice board breaking! This course is designed for teenagers and up.

When: February 22nd, 7PM
Where: Fleet Feet Wade Avenue
Cost: $15


Joint Manipulation: Over-Power an Opponent Regardless of Size

Participants will learn how to effectively take back control of a situation by over-powering an attacker with joint manipulation. We will discuss various wrist locks and armbars that require little strength and size doesn't matter.

When: March 13th, 7PM
Where: Fleet Feet Morrisville
Cost: $10


Beginner Self-Defense: Prevention and Basic Grip-Breaking

This basic self defense seminar will focus on prevention and breaking grips. Participants are asked to bring in a donation for InterAct in place of an admission charge. This course is great for teenagers and adults.

When: April 24th, 7PM
Where: Fleet Feet Wade Avenue
Cost: Donation to InterAct in lieu of class fee


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