Coach Rufus

Coach Rufus: Eating on the Run

A veteran Krispy Kreme Challenge finisher, Rufus prefers a snack with a hole in the middle! This avid runner, hiker, and soccer player maintains an otherwise healthy diet, but occasionally feels the need to pound down a dozen Krispy Kremes! Recently, he honed his appreciation for doughnuts, honey buns, and other high calorie treats during a long-distance backpacking journey on the Appalachian Trail. (A long distance backpacker can burn 7,000 calories per day.)  Rufus’ love of doughnuts naturally extends to running, another of his favorite activities.  After all, what better than a tasty doughnut (or 12) to power you through the last half of a 5-mile run?  Rufus enjoys competing in the 10k, 10-mile, half marathon, and marathon distances.  He recently completed the Park-to-Park Half Marathon in Waynesboro, VA, and the Charleston Marathon in SC.  See if you can guess his favorite food for carbo loading:   D______ts  (fill in the blanks!)  (Hint:  Krispy Kreme original glazed)

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