When do I need to replace my running shoes?
Running shoes are generally built to last 300 to 400 miles. By that time, the cushioning and support features of the shoe have begun to break down significantly. A runner logging 20 miles per week should expect to get a new pair of shoes every four to six months.
Do I need to bring anything with me when I am ready to buy new shoes?
Bring in your current running or walking shoes. If you wear orthotics or another type of insert, bring those too.
Why do you watch me run/walk?
We are looking at your foot strike and gait to evaluate the mechanics of your stride, which in turn helps us evaluate the fit and type of shoe that is best for you.
Why can’t I just pick a shoe with nice colors?
When it comes to running and walking shoes, you must choose function over fashion. We’ll bring you a selection of shoes that best meet your needs.
What is the price of a pair of shoes at your store? Our shoes range from $100 to $160, with most falling right around $120.  While you can find cheaper shoes at big box stores, we only choose to carry styles that will give our customers the quality and cushion necessary for a great experience. 
Why do I need a running shoe? Can’t I just run in my favorite sneakers?
Running shoes are built to support and cushion your foot while in the specific acts of running and walking. While running, the impact of each foot strike is three to five times your body weight.
I walk. Is it OK to wear a running shoe?
Yes. In fact, we recommend it. Running shoes offer a wider variety of cushioning and support features than can be found in most walking shoes. 
Why is my running shoe size bigger than the size of my dress shoes?
Running shoes are just sized differently than other shoes, even other athletic shoes. You also need about a thumb’s width of room between your longest toe and the front of the running shoe for the footwear to function properly. Expect your running or walking shoes to be from 1/2 to 2 sizes larger than your other shoes. Sizing can also vary from brand to brand, as well as style to style within the same brand.
Do you price match with online retailers?
No.  Because our employees are highly trained, we are able to provide a quality fitting for your shoes, inserts, bras, and other products.  Exceptional service is our focus and to continue to provide you with the best, we choose to sell our products at the standard competitive price for the industry.
I'm not a "runner," can I still participate?
Yes!  We offer runs/walks and events to encourage healthy lifestyles by people of all ages and abilities. We frequently have (and encourage) walkers attend.
This is my first fun run, what do I need to do?
Arrive 15 minutes early to fill out a one-time waiver.  Coming prepared for a good workout and great fun is also a requirement. 
I want to train for a race, what do you offer?
Check out our Training Programs tab at the top of our website for a listing.  We have training programs for various distances/abilities year round and we'd love to see you at our next one!
I wear a large size, do you have a bra for me? 
Most likely.  The Moving Comfort and Champion bras we carry will fit up to a 44 DD (in some styles an E or DDD).  We also carry the Enell bra, which will fit women up to a DDD in all sizes, the largest being a 52DD.  They also offer an option to custom order if a standards size doesn't fit.
How often do I need to replace my bra?
Sports bras will last about 60 washes (6-12 months for most bras).  Repeated washing will eventually wear down the spandex and elastics in the band, making the original snug (and supportive) band stretchy and unsupportive! 
Do socks matter?
Yes. Look for socks made of moisture wicking acrylic or polyester blends, such as Coolmax. These fabrics absorb and move moisture, keep feet dry, hold their shape and help prevent blisters. Cotton socks get wet and stay wet. This causes friction, which contributes to hot spots and blisters.
Why don't you offer my running club a discount?
Because there are so many clubs and training groups around we'd have to offer one for everyone!  Instead, we offer ALL customers the opportunity to participate in our Personal Rewards program where for every $150 you spend, we give you a $15 gift certificate!  It's free and easy.  We also host special event days/runs for our local running clubs that include great sales AND help you get personal rewards vouchers.  Ask your coordinator to contact us! 
You guys are great!  How does your staff know so much?
All staff members go through an extensive and ongoing training process that involves lower leg anatomy and biomechanics, gait analysis, learning the ins and outs of all our shoe brands, and most importantly staying up to date on the latest changes and technologies.  We are not doctors, but we aim to fill the vital role of quality shoe fitting and exceptional service.


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